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Bryansroom was set up in 1992. Why Bryansroom? Simple! It's in my elder son's bedroom which he vacated when he got married and finally left home. His name is Bryan - seems natural to me!!
Then in editing the results of this recording as well as taking bits of records and editing applause and such like into my recordings! I was also very keen at that time in Broadcasting. Because the war had been not so long ago, ex Army transmitters were very easy to buy and my pal Walter had one.We used to broadcast programmes to the local area ( highly illegally of course!!) by blotting out the BBC Light Programme ( later to become Radio1).
I was still at school then and the legalities never entered my head!

My recording interest started away back in the mid 50s when I acquired an old Grundig TK20 taperecorder. My interest at that time was firstly in recording live music, primarily the band we had got together as youngsters to keep us off the streets.
Just Three in 1976
Derek Hamiton/George Kerr/Sam Nimmo
George Fleming Band circa 1986
You can see more photos of Shep, our Golden Retriever by clicking on his photo.
In 1978 a friend, George Fleming, had set up a custom built studio purely as a hobby but unfortunately the guy who did the recording was killed in a road accident. I volunteered to keep the place going and eventually the Ayrespin label was born.
Colin Dewar recorded his first album there, 'The Wee Laddie Fae Fife'. He was only 13 at the time.
A Gaelic group called 'The Etives' did two albums there. They have now become 'Cappercaille', one of Scotland's prime bands.

The rest, as they say, is history - or at least it appears on these pages. I hope you will browse further.
The interest in recording stayed with me but it wasn't until 1973 that I cut my first album - Saturday Night at Gowanbank by Just Three.
Gowanbank Hotel in Darvel Ayrshire was where I played with a middle of the road type band 'Just Three'.

The hotel sponsored an album and I recorded it on an old mono Brenell reel to reel machine and got 1000 discs pressed.

We recorded Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band's first album 'Double First'.